Night Stalkers ride to Kentucky for 30 year anniversary

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Their motto is 'Night Stalkers Don't Quit' and it is certainly true.

On Friday, the Third Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Airborne based out of Hunter Army Airfield returned from Afghanistan. Saturday, they participated in a bicycle ride to benefit for Wounded Warriors, and Sunday, they left for yet another bicycle ride to mark a special anniversary for the secretive and elite group.

They are willing to go the extra mile and they don't want much publicity.

Their main mission, to get people where they need to be and get back without anyone knowing they did a thing. That secrecy is what binds the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment or Night Stalkers together.

Formed 30 years ago after a failed attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran.

President Jimmy Carter ordered the Army to form an elite group who could handle special operations missions. The Night Stalkers were born.  Over the last 30 years, they've gone into the most dangerous situations. They are the Army's best qualified aviators and support soldiers.

To mark their 30 year anniversary, the Night Stalkers from Hunter Army Airfield are taking a 600 mile bike ride from Savannah to their headquarters in Kentucky. CSM Estevan Sotorosado is one of the many taking part in the ride.

"We are celebrating the 30th anniversary for the Night Stalkers. We are riding all the way to Fort Campbell, Kentucky," said Sotorosado. "Night Stalkers are a great organization and they have helped develop, teach, coach and mentor our outstanding service men. We love them and we are going to keep the legacy alive."

The group should approach the South side of Atlanta on Oct. 10, riding anywhere from 115 miles or so a day. WTOC plans to keep up with the group throughout the week. Check back for updates.

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