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Garden City police solve Groves High School crime spree


A string of thefts in Garden City, including computers stolen from Groves High School, has been solved.

Police Chief David Lyons told WTOC detectives tracked local pawn shop lists, checking for various items stolen from the high school thefts in May to a series of thefts in September in and around Groves High School.

It was a video game stolen from a home nearby, which turned up at a nearby pawn shop, which lead police to the culprits.

The crime spree started back in May, when police say a group of people broke into Groves High School and stole 11 laptops among other items.  Surveillance video provided little help as pictures caught two men on camera with hoods over their faces. Police believe the same men,  two adults and two 13 year olds, committed similar crimes in September, including the theft of an automobile from the Groves High School parking lot during a football game and a break-in of a visiting Effingham High School bus during a football game at Groves. Cell phones and iPods were stolen.

Most recently, a home near Groves was broken into, where several items, including a video game, were stolen.

The only item police have recovered from the house theft was the video game. The game turned up at a local pawn shop, where police tracked down the girl who brought the game in,  and Lyons says she gave up the suspects.

"The one pawn game broke the whole thing open. Basically, she dimed everybody out and since then, we have made those three arrests and in the interviews with those three individuals confessed to all the activity," Chief Lyons told WTOC.

Two juveniles, both 13 years old, have been arrested along with Curtis Little, 17, a Groves High School student. Police are still looking for Torrey Milton, 21, who is at this time considered a person of interest.

If you have any information on Milton's whereabouts, contact Garden City Police at 912.966.7770.

Lyons says the Chatham County Board of Education campus police got the ball rolling in the case and his detectives took over and were able to crack the case. It took some time and persistent police work. The group may be linked to another recent house break-in.

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