CAPA purchases new thrift store building

PORT ROYAL, SC (WTOC) - Each purchase made at Capa's Closet, helps fund CAPA's many programs.

"The funds we clear are used in the shelter, school based safety programs or our parenting programs," said Susan Cato, CAPA Executive Director.

In this economy, CAPA says every dollar counts.

"Its a really tough time to be a non-profit," said Cato. "Funds are tight. Funds from the state have been cut considerably."

Making the thrift store business even more crucial.

Over the years, they've outgrown their shop in the BILO shopping center, but thanks to a generous donor , they're now able to purchase a new, larger facility that they can call home.

"A local family foundation donated $150,000 for this purpose, to get us towards sustainablility, so we could purchase the building and fix it up," said Cato.

"This is about 2,700 square feet," said Bernie Kole, CAPA Board of Directors. "The new location on Ribaut Road, formerly Keith's Place, will be 4,600 square feet. There is a garage which we are going to rehabilitate that has an extra 1,800 square feet. First we can serve more clients, have a place to store our inventory, and it's a win win for everybody."

Not only will the new facility give them more space, but they'll actually be paying less money, giving them more money for their mission.

"Eventually we'll pay off this mortgage and then 100 percent of the dollars taken in will go to our programs," said Cato.

Ultimately helping to stop the cycle of child abuse and neglect.

"It is a cycle and it will repeat if you don't give people the assistance they need to break that cycle. It can be done," said Cato. "We've seen that happen."

All who donate and purchase from Capa's Closet have a hand in making that happen.

CAPA is hoping to open the new thrift shop at the former's Keith's Place location around the first of the year. For now, they are still located in the BILO shopping Center in Port Royal.

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