Escapee accused of shooting deputy faces judge

Crystal Shyrock
Crystal Shyrock
Katherine Griffin (Source: Screven Co. Sheriff's Office)
Katherine Griffin (Source: Screven Co. Sheriff's Office)

SCREVEN CO., GA (WTOC) - The woman accused of shooting a Screven County deputy is in court Tuesday.

Senior deputy Katherine Griffin was transporting 32-year-old Crystal Shyrock from the Chatham County Jail to the Screven County Jail for a hearing.

At one point, Shyrock tried to take the deputy's gun, according to authorities. It went off and hit Griffin in the leg.

Richard Williams was on his way home, saw the patrol car on side of the road and decided to stop and help. He kept Shyrock trapped until more deputies arrived.

"You don't see that all of the time. People are so scared nowadays to even help. The fact that this guy stopped is a blessing," said Anissa Turner of Screven County.

Williams told WTOC that when he arrived at the scene, Griffin was holding inmate Shyrock by her ankle cuffs so she couldn't escape.

Griffin is expected to make a full recovery.

Shyrock was originally in custody for a probation violation related to a disorderly conduct arrest and was being transported back to Screven County to appear in court for that violation.

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