InSITE--Salvation Army Online

You can't miss them if you spend any time in the stores during the holiday season: the Salvation Army bell ringers. And since so many of us are shopping online, the Salvation Army's set up shop there as well.

Start with their usual site, and feel free to click around. I recommend a quick stop at their history section, so you can learn a little about the organization. It's interesting, and a chance to understand it all a little better.

It's also good practice to check out anybody who wants you to make a donation online. Do your homework. One warning, it takes a lot of clicks to get where you're going, they could have simplified that a little.

Let's get to our part of the country, and the interesting stuff, a very futuristic spin on the traditional Salvation Army Giving Tree. It's online now, so you can click an age group, get a list of appropriate gifts, and actually buy it right on line. They'll send it to brighten up a child's Christmas.

They also have a way you can be a "virtual bell ringer," signing up on line, sending friends emails that'll do the same as those ringing bells outside the stores, remind them to help through the holidays.