Teenager heads to prison for ambush shooting on police officer

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A 19-year-old Savannah man who shot a police car multiple times, nearly hitting an officer, is headed to prison for 45 years.

Back in January, after pulling one car over, police say Keenan Green ambushed officer Jason Pagliaro in his police car and it ended in a stand off with police.

Green pleaded guilty to several charges related to the incident. Now, the police are talking about the case and have released the dash cam video from the police cruiser.

Shockingly, police say nationwide, police ambushes are up more than 150 percent. While they train their officers to be prepared for anything, criminals are also preparing themselves.

"Metro. Shots fired. Someone just shot at my car," Officer Pagliaro said in the video, as he realizes, while chasing down one car he had just attempted to pull over, another vehicle has now opened fire on him.

The man police say was responsible was Keenan Green, 19. He'll spend the next 45 years in prison. Pagliaro suffered a very close call, but police trainers say he kept his calm and did everything right.

"Shots fired metro. Shots fired. Three....five shots. He is behind me and he is shooting at me," Pagliaro said in the video.

The aftermath video shows the bullets fired at Pagliaro's vehicle shattered the back windshield and only the Plexiglas behind his head saved him from another bullet.

Training director Gary Taylor, with Savannah-Chatham Metro Police, said they train their officers for all worst case scenario situations, including ambushes by criminals.

"That is a very violent situation and we try to train all of our officers to be prepared for the worst case scenario. He did a great job of controlling his emotions which is something we train very heavily in. Police officers in all situations have to control your emotions," Taylor told WTOC.

Taylor says he went to an FBI conference recently and police ambushes, like this one, have risen nationwide.

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