Officer that was nearly shot speaks out

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah Chatham Metro Police Officer Jason Pagliaro says the police chase that nearly killed him still doesnt feel real.

"It was like slow motion," Officer Pagliaro says.

Pagliaro was at what appeared to be a routine traffic stop when police say 19 year old Keenan Green began firing at him.

The entire incident was captured on the officer's dash camera.

"We're supposed to chase the bad guy. The bad guy is not supposed to chase us. I was focused on the car that I was pursuing and then all of the sudden there was another car behind me that was firing at me. It just wasn't what I expected at all," Officer Pagliaro said.

The rear plexiglass divider in Pagliaro's squad car was blown out and a bullet was within inches of his head.

A veteran serving multiple tours overseas, Pagliaro says he wasn't especially shaken up after the incident and preferred to go back to work right away. He also attributes his calmness to the training he received at SCMPD.

"I called my wife right after it happened and said I love you. That was an important thing to do, but then I knew I needed to go back to work," Officer Pagliaro said.

Keenan Green was sentenced to forty five years in prison for the shooting.

Pagliaro says his parents approached him before the sentencing to apologize.

He says more than anything, the experience gave him a strong sense of pride in his coworkers that provided him with backup.

"They really had my back and that is what means the most," Pagliaro said.

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