Gov. Deal visits Reidsville for well known doctor's retirement

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Ga. Gov. Nathan Deal spent most of Oct. 12 in Reidsville, recognizing one of the region's foremost physicians on his retirement.

Dr. James Dewberry is well known in Savannah as an orthopedic surgeon but his trailblazing efforts to screen and treat scoliosis in children, to prevent the need for surgery, is widely known and highly regarded.

"Dr. Dewberry is one of those pioneers.   He is one who has gone outside in the rural areas of our state.  He saw the importance of screening children with scoliosis and he's left a great heritage. I'm just honored to be here with him on this day of his retirement," said Deal.

The event was held in Reidsville because that is where Dewberry and a team of Savannah doctors resurrected a troubled hospital and turned it into a thriving healthcare facility that is about to expand. It is called Optim Medical Center.

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