Neighbors nervous with prisoner on the run

TOOMBS CO., GA (WTOC) - An escapee was still on the run Wednesday night.

The state prisoner got away from guards Wednesday afternoon at Indian Ford Farms along Georgia 152 between Cobbtown and Lyons in Toombs County.

The Georgia Department of Corrections says Fredrick Newton could be in a wooded area in Toombs County.

He was convicted of aggravated assault in McIntosh County.

"I went through my entire property looking for him. Looked for foot prints and even under my cars," neighbor Randy Ansley said.

Ansley's property is next to the area deputies believe Newton might be hiding.

"It does concern me, but I'm armed," Ansley said.

Ansley and other neighbors are concerned someone serving time for a serious crime like aggravated assault is able to work at the state farm.

But he doesn't believe the prisoner is still in the area.

"He's not here anymore. He had this planned. He has been here for four months. You don't just run in the woods out of nowhere," Ansley said.

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