Occupy Savannah protestors still out at Emmet Park

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A few of the Occupy Savannah protestors are still coming out every day at Emmet Park. Plenty of people passing by on Bay Street honked for their support. The demonstrators are speaking out about labor laws, corporate greed, and the lack of job creation.

"This isn't a denominational thing, this is simply people working together to try to make the world a better place starting with America, which is where we all are. It affects the rest of the world very easily," said Phoenix Godwin, Occupy Savannah.

The protests at Occupy Wall Street are not as calm as they are in Savannah, recently taking a violent turn.

Protestors and police squared off with bottles and batons. There were at least 14 arrests and some injuries on Oct. 14. Eyewitnesses say that a demonstrator was run over by a police motorcycle. His foot was trapped in the machinery, he tried to escape, but was dragged away. The city had threatened to move everyone out to clean the area but decided to let them stay at the last moment.

The occupiers are calling Oct. 15 the Global Day of Action, when the movement is set to go global.

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