Occupy Savannah still going strong

"The people united will never be defeated" is a chant that's become very familiar to those traveling on East Bay Street. It's what the dozens of people filling Emmet Park have been saying as they protest big government, who the group refers to as the top one percent.

"We are actually the 99 percent out here. You'll find people from every background, every walk of life, and every issue," said Retirees Unite for the Future (R.U.F.F.) member Albert Strickland.

Savannah resident Bettina Drew said, "The wars need to be stopped and we need to tax the rich. That's historically been the answer."

And it's the same action demonstrators say the United States must take in order to overcome one of the biggest issues now facing the country---a lack of jobs.

"They were outsourced under the past several administrations and now it's come home. Nobody has a job," said Barbara North of Savannah.

But those who are employed say they are not being compensated fairly.

Truck driver from Savannah, Herbert Sanders, said, "We feel like we're not getting the fair pay. All we're asking is to be treated fairly."

Even massage therapists are pretty tense as well, saying local government is not treating them fairly either.

"The city government in Savannah has us down on the books as massage parlors and we are often faced with having to pay regulatory fees," said Savannah Licensed Massage Therapist Charles Dane.

Regardless of how long it takes, the demonstrators say they will not give up. Until they feel they have won, the group will continue protesting at Emmet Park every day beginning at 9:00 a.m.

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