Savannah couple celebrates 70th anniversary

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In 1941, the world was very different. FDR was in the White House and WWII was underway. It was a bitter-sweet time for one Savannah couple.

Tom Davis, a now retired Senior Master Sergeant, met Rose while stationed at Hunter Army Airfield. They got married on October 14, 1941. Just two weeks later, Tom was deployed to the Philippines. He was held there and in Japan as a prisoner of war.

"He was overseas the first four years we were married," said Rose Davis. "My grandfather worked for the morning news and he kept telling me that he (Tom) would not come back and I said, papa you're wrong, he will be back and he did."

A big 70th wedding anniversary celebration for Tom and Rose was held on Saturday. Lots of family and friends attended, including WTOC's vice president and general manager Dr. Bill Cathcart.

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