Missing Student's Friends React to Body Discovery

Photo collage of Dena Carter.
Photo collage of Dena Carter.

It's looking more and more like there could be a connection between a missing Statesboro graduate student and a body discovered at Fort Benning. Dena Carter, missing since September, was six months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Today, Fort Benning's Criminal Investigations Division announced that among the remains were found those of a six-month-old unborn child.

Since she disappeared on September 11, Carter's closest friends have been trying to keep it together. "It's been a challenge, but through it all we've been working, getting through it bit by bit, moment by moment so that's how it's been," said Pastor Anthony Chavers with Agape Worship Church.

It's been especially hard for Carter's friend Sandra Spear because she knew how happy Carter was about being pregnant, something Carter confided in her that was difficult to tell her boyfriend. "I know she had a hard time wanting to tell him and then when she did, she came to the office one day all upset because they got in a fight," she told us.

Pastor Chavers has been in close contact with Diana Crooms, Carter's mother. "She's holding on pretty good, almost at the breaking point, but just words of comfort are enough to give her enough gumption to hold on until we have a definite answer if this is her or not," he said.

Until then all they can do is wait, and hold on to the little bit of hope they have left. "We're on pins and needles, still a lot of questions, wondering if it's her or not," said Pastor Chavers.

"If it is her, I hope they find out who did this to her," said Spear.

Pastor Chavers spoke to Carter's mother this morning. He says she still has some hope, but is preparing for the worst.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com