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Editorial - 10/17/11

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As the protest menagerie continues its confused occupation of the Wall Street area, along with sporadic outward-ripples elsewhere, wealthy saints from left-wing politics, media, music and Hollywood, those who've made their own millions via capitalism, descend from the heights of luxury to lend their hypocritical-luster to the disgruntled-opponents of the very-system that made rich.    

"Economic injustice" is but one theme from the New York throng, who currently oppose a camp-site power-wash for sanitation.  If that reference refers to lack of jobs, then their anger and angst should be directed toward those at fault: this Administration, whose purposeful spending, regulating, and taxation fetish has effectively torpedoed employment regeneration.  But,  if by "economic injustice," they're echoing the President's fond-embrace of wealth-redistribution, taking still-more income from the truly-productive and doling-it-out to those who could be, but aren't, further transforming America into a government by, for and from an increasingly dependent-people, that's a more ominous trend, long-term.  As Federal Government growth, quick-steps ever-larger, with its insatiable appetite for private-sector control, draining ever-more capital from both businesses and individuals, our country threatens to slide well-beyond socialism into a Marxist-run, and ruined, nation, the apparent dream of our ruling-elite.  Among the wealth of wisdom left to us by Ronald Reagan is the following (quote): "The economic welfare of all our people must ultimately stem, not from government programs, but from the wealth created by a vigorous private sector."  Sadly, that timeless prescription for true economic growth is totally opposed by this Administration.  As such, the fiscal well-being of all in our nation, as with that camp-site's sanitation needs, will depend on a thorough power-washing of the leadership in both the Senate and Executive Branch.    

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