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Weather Discussion from Pat Prokop

Thursday, Mar 27, 2014

Weather Discussion and Forecast from Pat Prokop

Weather Summary Thursday Afternoon:

After a chilly start with lows in the low to mid 30s, warmer weather is moving into the region and this looks as if it will last.  Temperatures warmed into the 60s today and will warm into the 70s tomorrow and over the weekend.  However, a wet weather system is approaching with a moderate to good chance for showers and thunderstorms Friday afternoon through late night Saturday.  Clear and extremely pleasant weather will follow for next week with highs warming to around 80 for much of the week.


Information about Changing Climate:

Latest Carbon Dioxide Levels:
Through November, 2013 ... Atmosphere Carbon Dioxide levels continues to increase, as expected and as it will. A sustainable atmospheric heat budget would need CO2 levels of 350 parts per million or lower. The current yearly mean value is now 397 ppm and increasing at a rate now of 2.3 ppm per year. What this means is that the earth retains more heat received from the sun due to the increase in CO2 ... in other words, the planet continues to warm.

current atmospheric CO2 Levels
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Even if we stopped all CO2 emissions, the value will continue to rise due to "positive feedback forcing".  The reason is that most of the atmospheric CO2 will remain in the atmosphere for more than 100 years and as the warming continues, more CO2 that is currently dissolved in the oceans will leach back out into the atmosphere.

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