Miss Savannah's Attorney: Shooting Was Self-Defense

We have an update to the shooting incident that involves the reigning Miss Savannah. Police say she shot her boyfriend during an argument. Now Nikki Redmond wants her side of the story out. For now, her attorney will be speaking for her, and he's saying that the intent was only on self-defense.

Attorney Michael Schiavone says his client is crushed by what has happened. "She is absolutely devastated, regardless of the fear of her safety, this is not what she wanted to happen to him," he said.

On Tuesday, Redmond was arrested and charged with shooting 25-year-old Kevin Shorter in the abdomen. Police say the two had been arguing outside a home on Rice Mill Lane at the time. Neighbors say it's where Shorter's other girlfriend lived. Redmond's attorney says his client went there to talk with her, when Shorter showed up. He claims Redmond feared for her life and shot in self-defense.

"When he got there, he was in a rage and confronted her and basically attacked her," said Schiavone.

Schiavone says Redmond believed he had a gun. "She truly believed he had a weapon," he told us. "Bullet ricocheted off the car and hit him."

Police will not speculate what the motive is, but they do say more charges could be filed. Sgt. Mike Wilson told us, "If his condition does not improve and he does die, of course, the charges will be upgraded to murder."

Schiavone says Redmond carried a gun for protection. He says she believed someone was stalking her.

Reported by: Liz Flynn, lflynn@wtoc.com