Mayor hosts job fair in Hardeeville

HARDEEVILLE, SC (WTOC) - WTOC went to Hardeeville, where the mayor has made it his mission to get people back to work and out of the unemployment line.

Joe Jordan has only been out of work for two weeks. While that doesn't sound long to many, he's worried two weeks could turn into two years.

"It's been kind of difficult. I've been wanting to find another job," said Jordan.

When Jordan heard about this job fair, he made plans to be here.

"I'm looking around because there are different things you can do. You have to cover everything, you don't know what might happen," said Jordan.

Joe's not alone. The room was full of people looking for jobs and local employers looking for the perfect candidates.

Getting everyone in the same room is what the Hardeeville Mayor, Bronco Bostick, wanted to do.

Bostick says there are too many people without jobs and he hopes this job fair helps.

"I get a lot of calls of people wanting jobs and I thought it was a good idea to do a job fair and get as many people back to work as possible," said Bostick.

It is not just a job fair, Alice Brothers from South Carolina Works was there to help job seekers with their resume and interview skills. Brothers says she is happy to help.

"The job market is low and in order for a person to get back to work, you have to be sure you're the person the employer is seeking, so the resume has to stand out," said Brothers.

Jordan is hoping his resume is one that stands out.

"The job isn't going to come to you, you better go and find it. There might be jobs out there but you've got to look for them and prepare yourself," said Jordan.

The City of Hardeeville is planning to host more jobs in the next couple of months.

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