Neighbors Speak Out about Deadly Shooting

As Miss Savannah awaits her arraignment on murder charges, residents in the neighborhood where the shooting took place try to make sense of the tragedy. On Friday, Sharron Nicole (Nikki) Redmond was charged with murder after police say she shot and killed her boyfriend this week.

It's been a devastating turn of events for several families and especially for the neighborhood where this tragedy took place. "That was a bad decision that she made, but also on the other hand they said that there was a lot of stuff going on between them so it probably just built up in her and she just couldn't hold it in any more," said long time neighbor Jason Brown, who knew the victim.

A decision, some say, opened the door to a very ugly situation. "He was engaged to the girl who stays down there so I don't know. Obviously, he had a relationship with both of them and I don't know what happened after that," added Brown.

According to police, what happened was an altercation that turned deadly, but for neighbors they had no idea anything bad had happened until police arrived. "I didn't think anything of it because it took the police about 20 minutes to arrive. I thought that everything was okay and that was just fireworks or something and you know people are always pulling pranks so I thought it was just a prank, something like that," said Kenny Bryant, another neighbor.

Unfortunately it wasn't just a prank. Now one man is dead and a woman is behind bars. Neighbors say it's just a tragedy we may never know all the answers to.

"Only the victim and the people who are in that inner circle really knows when, why and where," explained Bryant.

Sharron Nicole Redmond is currently being held in the Chatham County Detention Center. She's scheduled to be arraigned in Chatham County on Monday.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,