New rental deal helps GSU students drive green

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Cathony Reid came to Georgia Southern University without one item some students consider a necessity, a car. Early in the semester, the freshman heard about We Car, a rental program where students could rent a car for a few hours, overnight or an entire day.

"It's affordable, and the price includes the gas so it's easy to do," she explained.

Georgia Southern partnered with the company to offer short term rentals to students.

"It offers two advantages for them over standard rental companies," noted Kayla Nichols with We Car's parent company, Enterprise Rentals. "You can rent for just an hour or two instead of an entire day. And, most companies require renters to be 21, this does not.

Renters sign up for a one-year membership and receive a renter card. Each time the cardholder rents a car online, the card is activated to unlock that car. Renters go to that car's permanent parking space on campus, unlock the door and access the secured ignition key inside.

University leaders hope the program, combined with an on-campus bus system, helps reduce the number of cars brought to campus and ease parking and traffic issues. GSU is We Car's first site in Georgia. They've started with two cars, but plan to add more as memberships increase.

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