Day 2 of SCAD student murder trial includes forensic testimony

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Testimony continued in the murder case involving two men accused of killing a Savannah College of Art and Design student last October in a drug related home invasion.

Alex Cowart and John A. Adams are accused of felony murder, among other charges, in connection with the incident.

A forensic expert from Savannah-Chatham Metro Police testified most of the day and was followed by John Silcox, a SCAD student who we found out in court lived with the victim, Sean Giroir, 20.

Defense attorney Greg Crawford grilled Silcox,  who was arrested for multiple drug charges after the shooting when drugs and paraphernalia were found inside the home. Silcox plead the 5th Amendment throughout his testimony on whether or not the men were running a drug operation.

"Sean was the connection," Crawford said.

"I want to invoke my 5th Amendment," Silcox said.

"You were the chemist. Is that right?"

"I want to invoke my 5th Amendment," Silcox replied.

"Miles (another person inside the home) was the security. Right," Crawford said.

"I'd like to use my 5th Amendment," Silcox said.

Silcox maintained there were no guns in the house before the invasion took place to his knowledge as attorneys for Alex Cowart and John Adams built an argument for self defense, claiming threats were made for their lives after the two were accused of breaking into the house on Barnard Street, with guns, and stealing money and marijuana.

The incident lead to the people in the home chasing after Cowart, Adams and a third man, Daniel Izzo. Silcox says he heard multiple gun shots and saw Giroir on the ground.

"He was laying on the ground covered in blood. Mike (Levi, another roommate) was laying on the ground. I couldn't see his injuries. I didn't see," Silcox testified.

Silcox was still on the stand as of 5 p.m., with the trial expected to resume in Thursday morning. The third man, Daniel Izzo,  is expected to eventually take the stand. He accepted a plea deal in May to lesser charges, and attorneys for Cowart and Adams told the jury Tuesday, Izzo changed his story to avoid a life in prison.

Cowart and Adams face multiple charges, including felony murder.

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