Local farmers hoping for dry weather to get crops out

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - Storm clouds, rains, and winds are the last thing farmers want to see this time of year. They need dry weather and sun to get crops out of the ground and out of the fields.

Acres and acres of peanuts have been plowed and they're sitting on the ground to dry, but they're getting rain showers the past few days.

In addition, cotton has been defoliated to get ready for picking. The rains haven't been disastrous yet, but it's chipping away at the quality farmers will take to market. Both crops overcame an extreme summer to bounce back and if farmers lose them now, it will be heartbreaking.

"They will get a lower grade the longer those peanuts sit on the ground. And with the cotton, it's just like washing your jeans. Over time, you notice them start to shrink," said Wes Harris, UGA Extension Agent.

Another challenge for later planted peanuts is the dropping temperatures. If they drop too fast, the plants could fall into shock, go into hibernation and not grow the peanuts any more.

Farmers are waiting to get into the field, and get their crops up before more weather sets in. Farmers say as much as these crops have rebounded, they don't want to see all this go for nothing.

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