Judge strikes testimony in SCAD murder trial

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The trial for the murder a SCAD student continues.

On Thursday, Chatham County Superior Court Judge John Morse Jr. struck all testimony given Wednesday by witness John Silcox, during cross examination. Silcox, a resident of the Barnard street home where the armed robbery took place Oct. 28, 2011, used his 5th amendment right in order not to incriminate himself. Judge Morse instructed jurors to dismiss Silcox's testimony.

Thursday morning, Daniel Izzo, who accepted a plea deal in May, testified that co-defendant, John Adams, instructed him over the phone on the details of armed robbery at Alex Cowarts house on Oct. 28.

During the armed robbery of marijuana and money, Sean Giroir and Mike Levi were shot. Giroir, a SCAD student, died. Izzo testified that Cowart was armed with a 9 mm and Cowart provided him with a pistol that were used to force their way into the home.

"He knew the people and said just go in there and basically nobody is supposed to get hurt. Just show them the guns, get the weed, and get out," said Izzo.

Attorneys for Cowart and Adams are continuing to build their case on self defense, but Izzo testified no one else was armed inside of the Barnard home.

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