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Miss Savannah Formally Charged

Nikki Redmond Nikki Redmond

Nikki Redmond, the reigning Miss Savannah, is still behind bars tonight for the shooting death of her boyfriend, Kevin Shorter. It's been a whirlwind of events for everyone involved. At her arraignment this morning, the prosecution formerly charged Miss Savannah with murder. But after we spoke with her attorney this afternoon, he said she's innocent and is claiming self-defense.

But today will be another day spent behind bars for the beauty queen, as little by little, events from that night begin to unfold. According to her attorney and neighbors, Redmond's boyfriend was involved with another woman.

"Nikki was there talking with the lady that lived at the residence," said Micheal Shiavone, he attorney. "They apparently were having a civil conversation and they were about to end their conversation, Nikki was about to leave when Mr. Shorter came up and blocked her vehicle in, got out, approached the ladies in a very aggressive, loud and violent way."

Schiavone says Redmond tried to get away, but couldn't. "I expect that because he was the aggressor and she was in a position to defend herself in self-defense," he said. "It surely is going to be an issue in the case."

The weapon used in the shooting was identified as her gun. Now the state has to show probable cause and that she deliberately went to another woman's residence to kill her boyfriend Kevin Shorter.

"She owned it legally, she had a license for the weapon and she had a very good reason to be carrying the weapon because of some prior incidences with stalking," Schiavone said. There were unrelated stalking reports that, we were told, were filed while she was teaching at Beach High. But for now her attorney is trying to clear her name and get her released until its time for her trial.

Nikki's attorney has asked to court to set bail. If they grant it, Redmond will released immediately and will remain free until her trial.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com

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