Star witness blames former friends for murder

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The star witness in the murder of a SCAD student took the stand on Thursday.

Defense attorney's grilled Daniel Izzo for hours. They claim he is lying and putting all the blame on his former friends so he gets less jail time.

Izzo pled guilt to armed robbery and will only serve twelve years in prison in exchange for his testimony against Alex Cowart and John Adams, defense attorneys said.

In his first interviews with police, Izzo said the robbery was his idea. But defense attorneys for the other defendents say when he was offered a plea deal, he changed his story, and blamed his former friends Cowart and Adams.

Izzo testified they didn't intend to murder SCAD student Sean Giroir. They just planned to rob him for his marijuana.

"I was told that nobody would get harmed and that it would be easy to get in and out," Izzo testified.

Izzo testified it was Alex Cowart who pulled the trigger and killed Sean Giroir.

Cowart's defense attorneys say Izzo is just looking out for himself so he wouldn't get a life sentence.

The trial will continue Monday. The judge decided to give the jury Friday off.

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