Brandi's Morning Update


Here's a quick list of the headlines you can expect to see this morning on THE News at Daybreak:

-Newly popular drugs like spice and bath salts may soon be banned in South Carolina. Find out what DHEC is trying to do about them.

-We told you about this story yesterday as breaking news on THE News at Daybreak. This morning we have new details on the death of Moammar Gadhafi. Libya's former dictator has been killed.

-If you're looking for your big break into Hollywood, we might have an opportunity just for you. We'll explain.

-More cold weather to start the day. Dave Turley will let you know what to expect in the forecast.

-Mark Robertson will let you know if there are any trouble spots to look out for during your morning commute.

See you at 5am!

Brandi Cummings

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