InSITE--Santa's Spots On Line

Are your stockings all hung by the chimney with care? You- know- who- is coming! Santa's sleigh ride is right around the corner, so I surfed for signs of the Jolly Old Elf. He might not give you everything on your Christmas list, he shows up almost everywhere on the Internet.

A bit of a surprise for me. I had no idea Santa had his own web site . I suppose I should have expected It will take you to a few places I've shown you before, like the Santa wish lists and newsletter,

I found something that kind of bugs me. You know about "blogs," netspeak for web- logs. They're on- line diaries where people just talk about anything that comes to mind. No surprise Santa has one , but here's the annoying part. Whoever is "helping" Santa write this keeps talking about toys Santa and the elves are working on. If I didn't know and trust Santa, I'd say there's an evil elf ghostwriting the blog and taking kickbacks from Barbie's people to plug her new cruise ship, among other things.

Missus Claus is pitching the same stuff, by the way. Can you tell this annoys me? don't try to sneak an ad by me and blame Santa. That will land you on the naughty list in a hurry. There are some redeeming qualities to the site, like some holiday stories you can click and read with the kids .

Let's try Santa's main competitor, Click on in and find one very busy site, loaded with graphics and annimations. Maybe a little too loaded. It will take you a while to figure your way around. I went straight to Santa's home, and checked out the North Pole News. Cute and funny, with a little edge, doing stories about Santa beating the elves at basketball, and how sometimes Santa needs a bath. This site will keep you and the kids busy for a long time, and they say it's all child- friendly and safe. Other than a few ads, I didn't see any problems. No Barbie's cruise ship plugs either.

Since we're checking Santa, don't miss the NORAD site . They're the folks who watch the skies over North America to make sure nobody launches any missiles at us. Since they're already looking, spotting Santa is no big deal. They don't start tracking 'til he starts flying, so make sure you have the software you need. They have a cute collection of Santa pictures and another of the big questions about Santa, we all want to know the answers, and a nice assortment of Christmas songs you can download and play through the season.