Battlefield Park Gets Green Light

There's been a major advance in efforts to construct a battlefield park on Savannah's west side, on the site of the 1779 Siege of Savannah, one of the bloodiest battles of the Revolutionary War. After years of negotiation with a railroad company that had owned the property, focused not just on price but also on soil contaminants from years of use by the railroad, the land now officially belongs to the city.

This is a long-term project; again, one to be proud of," said Jim Poole of the Coastal Heritage Society. "There'll be some things to see within five years, but there'll be significantly more things to see in eight or ten years, and beyond."

Price tag on the land was $6.3 million, but the city was credited $2 million for cleanup of contaminated soil. Back in March, voters approved $8 million in SPLOST money, which will go toward developing the site.

Reported by: Sonny Dixon,