Wrecked Truck Found in Marsh

About 12:30am this morning, Garden City police were notified of that some children may be disrupting traffic on Highway 307 near the intersection with Highway 17. When police arrived, the children were gone, but the alert Garden City officer spotted an overturned truck about 30 yards from the road in the middle of a marsh.

A call was made to Southside firefighters and ambulance crews, who pulled the driver from the truck and rushed him to Memorial Health for treatment. The truck slid off the road and snapped off a sign post which punctured the gas tank.

Police were also afraid someone else might be thrown from the truck, so rescue crews searched with a dog and a heat-seeking scope, but no one else was found.

The name of the driver has not yet been released.

Reported by: Steven Shoob, sshoob@wtoc.com