Ogeechee Riverkeeper files lawsuit

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Ogeechee Riverkeeper says the Georgia Environmental Protection Division made a big mess of the disastrous fishkill in May that claimed 30,000 fish. The group is furious that they were not consulted about how to handle the situation.

Riverkeeper Dianna Wedincamp says "We feel that the public did not get a voice in this consent order."

The consent order filed in September required King America, the company ruled responsible for the kill, to spend $1 million on an undisclosed supplemental environmental project.

Wedincamp says the punishment doesn't fit the crime, and calls the ruling a slap on the wrist. The Savannah Riverkeeper agrees, saying King America "received a slight slap on the wrist despite having caused the largest fish kill in the state of Georgia."

Wedincamp believes those who lost the most were those who lost business, and this lawsuit could have been prevented very easily.

"We might not be talking about this tonight if EPD had communicated with the public."

She also says depending on what the lawyers say, this could be the first step in a long legal challenge with the EPD.

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