S.C. Murder Suspects Back in Custody

After a 20-hour manhunt, two murder suspects in South Carolina are now back in police custody. It started around three o'clock Friday afternoon when officers spotted Jaquan Ferrell and Rodney Parker in a stolen car and tried to pull them over. The driver took off, speeding in the emergency lane to get away.

Police say the car reached speeds up to a hundred miles an hour before the men wrecked it. Officers say the two men ran off into the woods. Several law enforcement agencies, bloodhounds and helicopters were brought in to help find them. Police had to shut down parts of I-95 as they searched last night.

Ferrell and Parker are the key suspects in a convenience store clerk murder near Charleston as well as a string of armed robberies. The men were finally caught near Walterboro, South Carolina this morning near I-95.