One Escapee Caught, Another Still On the Run

More than a week after two inmates escaped from the Ridgeland Correctional Institution in South Carolina, police have one of the men in custody. Shawn Wiles and John Griffin broke out of prison on December 19th. This is the second time in a month that both men have escaped.

Officers caught up with 24 year old Shawn Wiles last night after they spotted him in a stolen car. Police say he took off through Saluda at speeds up to a hundred miles an hour. Finally, a deputy blocked an intersection and Wiles crashed the car into a building. Police say he ran off and ended up on the roof of the building where he held officers at bay for three hours.

Police are still looking for John Griffin, who escaped with Wiles. Griffin is serving 12 years for burglary. Wiles is serving a four year sentence for possession of a stolen car.