'Mollie was a teacher's dream'

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - Inside Classroom 124 is an empty seat. It's the place where Mollie McCurdy, 7, sat every day after being dropped off to First Christian Academy.

"When she would come into school every morning, she would carry her little brother's backpack. She had a cute, short haircut and she just seemed to kind of skip down the hall. She really brought a lot of sunshine with her," said Mollie's teacher Rana Ogden.

The second-grader was killed in a head-on wreck Thursday afternoon, along with her grandmother, former Glennville City Councilwoman Janis McCurdy and 2-year-old brother. Police said that just outside Glennville on Georgia Route 144, the driver of a SUV crossed the center line and struck the pickup the girl was riding in. The driver and passenger of the SUV were also killed. Mollie's 9-year-old brother survived the crash and is recovering in the hospital.

Ogden said, "Mollie seemed to get a lot of her disposition from her mom. Her dad is a hard worker and seems to be a doer."

In fact, Mollie's dad is helping to build the school a new playground. While he was outside working, his daughter would be looking out of the window in her classroom.

"The dump trucks would back up, and we would hear the beeping noise that they make and Mollie would always perk up because she knew that was her daddy and she'd open the blinds and peek out and look."

It's one of the pleasant memories Ogden will never forget, but walking into her classroom is a different story as one of her students will be absent forever.

"When I come in here from now on I'm going to have an empty seat. I'm going to be missing a student."

The crash remains under investigation.

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