Savannah Makes History

Two-hundred and twenty-five years ago British soldiers captured Savannah in one of the most crushing blows during the Revolutionary War. Now, that event is being replayed right in the city's downtown.

For the last three days, spectators watched history unfold before their very eyes. "I guess Thomas Jefferson said it best when he said that the price of liberty is pretty expensive. It has to be fertilized and watered by the blood of patriots throughout history," said Captain Herb Puckett, a re-enactor of the 2nd Battalion out of Charleston, South Carolina.

The job of re-enactors, like Puckett, are to bring that history alive again for a modern day audience. "We go through a lot of trouble. There's a tremendous amount of research that goes into the uniforms, the equipment and weapons and how they did this, that and the other," said Puckett.

Although the actual number of troops far outnumbered the actual re-enactors, they've tried to recapture the actual battle to help those, who've come to watch, understand the price many Americans paid to keep this city a part of our nation. "This country didn't just happen, somebody paid for it very, very dearly," Puckett explained.

Next year, re-enactors will commemorate the Siege of Savannah in early October.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,