Georgia, South Carolina: No Tolerance for Drunk Driving

New Year's Eve is usually associated with lots of partying, and if you are going to drink, don't drive. The Savannah-Chatham police are sending this warning to everyone. As always, they will be enforcing the zero tolerance policy, and they will be out looking for drunk drivers.

Remember the legal limit in Georgia is .08, but if you get into an accident, it drops to .05. The Savannah-Chatham police warn they will be on all highways and rural roads. "There will be no tolerance for drunk drivers, none," said Sgt. Mike Wilson. "We will be out looking for people who have impaired driving and exhibit those signs. We will be looking for them."

Police recommend if you are going to be out drinking that you have a designated driver or take a taxi home.

South Carolina state patrolmen will also be out in full force tonight, setting up public safety check points and keeping their eyes out for drunk drivers as part of their Sober or Slammer campaign. "Zero tolerance," said LCpl. Sally Farmer. "If you get caught drinking and driving, your car is going to be towed, you'll be put in handcuffs and you're going to jail."

As a reminder, the blood-alcohol limit in South Carolina has been reduced from .10 to .08. The highway patrol is encouraging everyone to have a designated driver, who will not be drinking.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, & Jaime Dailey,