Murdered man's memorial cross cut down

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - Laura Wilson was shocked Monday to discover the memorial cross for her son Timmy Moore was gone.

"You can see where they broke it off," Wilson said.

The cross was along a treeline in the Garden Acres Mobile Home Park in Pooler where Timmy Moore was murdered in September.

"I buried him in Vidalia so I don't have a place to go, so I come here. Sometimes I come at two o'clock in the morning because it feels like he is here," Wilson said.

Wilson says she was devastated when she realized the cross was gone.

Neighbors say the Garden Acres Mobile Home Park maintenance staff cut it down.

"They didn't even have to call me...they could have sent me something in the mail or just given me a heads up and told me to take it down," Wilson said.

Wilson says she spent hours Monday night looking in nearby dumpsters for what is left of the cross. Nothing turned up.

"I would like to know where my cross is. I will put it in my front yard. I don't want to hurt anybody. I just want a place to memorialize my son," Wilson said.

Wilson collected over 400 signatiures asking the owner of the mobile home park to let the cross stay.

WTOC was unable to get in contact with the park's management Monday night.

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