Tropical UPDATE 1100 Oct 25, 2011

RINA is now a Cat 2 and is expected to strengthen even more.

She is moving slowly over the Western Caribbean heading for the Yucatan Peninsula.

Still little worry for GEORGIA.

MAX winds now 105 mph, moving WNW @ 3 mph.

Her center of circulation is 305 mi SE of Tulum, Mexico.

Mexican government has updated all hurricane watches to warnings, including Cancun.

And tropical storm watches have been upgraded to warnings southward along the Yucatan.

A gradual turn toward the NW and an increase in forward speed is expected in the next 24 hours.

RINA will be a major hurricane later tonight.

Hurricane effects over the Yucatan will be felt Wednesday night into Thursday.

Yes, she is moving very slowly.

Biggest problem will be rainfall with this slow moving storm.

8-16" in the next 36 hours will create flooding and mudslides.

Storm surge may also be a problem of 5-7', but the angle of approach will help.

A small eye has developed within the past hour on satellite imagery.

Strong banding, and an improving outflow indicates more strengthening

Plus RINA is right over the warmest waters still available in the Atlantic Basin.

But the environment will grow hostile by the end of the week.

As RINA turns and parallels the Mexican coast, a strong trough will pass the Gulf of Mexico and capture the storm.

By Friday 0800, she is clear of Cancun and being forced on a "HARD RIGHT" back toward Cuba.

This will weaken the storm to a Tropical Storm and strong wind shear will keep RINA in a weakened condition running the length of Cuba.

Two models take her into the Florida Straits on Halloween before zipping off into the Atlantic and diminishing completely.

We'll keep you updated.