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Mental Health Facility Transition Not Smooth

The transition hasn't been so smooth since the Savannah Area Behavioral Health Collaborative took over services from the Gateway Mental Health Facility last week. Officials at the health collaborative say Gateway left them with a big mess and patient records were thrown into boxes in no particular order. They also say more than 5,000 records are missing or out of place, making it difficult for doctors to locate a patient's medical history.

"Our concern is we have somebody comes in, they need their meds because they're decomping and they're in box 47 and we have no idea that they're in 47, so we have to go through 46 other boxes first," said collaborative president Micheal Elliott.

So far there haven't been any serious problems, but the health collaborative has hired extra help to get the boxes sorted and organized as quickly as possible.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,

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