GSU professor starts TXT L8TR campaign

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Georgia Southern University student Carla Metts had already sworn off texting and driving before she got behind the simulator's wheel, which shows the dangers of distracted driving. She says the habit was a hard one to break.

"My generation, we have the phone in our hand all the time. Unless I'm at practice or in class, there's not a time I'm not attached to my phone," said Metts.

But she's more convinced after one of her Georgia Southern professors helped start a statewide campaign called TXT L8TR. Dr. Lorne Wolfe says it started with a message from a student whose brother died while texting and driving.

"It was hard for me to lecture on the topic I was supposed to talk about and I just told the class, one of your classmates is not here today because he's burying a sibling because he was distracted while driving," said Wolfe.

To drive home the point, students were able to get behind the wheel of a simulator to see what could happen while they typed or read a message.

"I almost ran into the back of a truck, I almost ran into the back of another car and I was in the completely wrong lane and wrong side of the road," said Hulania Farmer, GSU student.

While it may look funny on a computer screen, Wolfe and others hope students remember the results when they get behind the wheel for real.

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