Brandi's Morning Update

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It will be a great Thursday!

Here's a quick list of the headlines you can expect to see this morning on THE News at Daybreak:

-A group claiming to help autistic children is in trouble with the law after an illegal gambling bust. This is not the first time. We'll have the full story.

-After that massive oil spill last year, BP will be drilling again. We'll have details.

-General Motors is recalling 36,000 vehicles. Find out if your vehicle is one of them.

-You will need a jacket as you head to work or school this morning. Dave Turley will let you know what to expect in the forecast.

-Mark Robertson will let you know if there are any trouble spots to look out for during your morning commute.

See you at 5am!

Brandi Cummings

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