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Editorial Salute - 10/27/11

Savannah hosts many organization and group reunions each year, but perhaps none more proudly so, than those involving veterans groups, often assisted by the City, County, Savannah Chamber, and Pooler's Mighty 8th Air Force Museum.

Such was our honor last week to welcome many members, and spouses, of the Army's 3-17 Air Cavalry unit, known back then as the troopers of "Charlie Horse, " veterans, all, of the Vietnam War.  This reunion was made all the more special because, for many of these Vietnam-era flyers, this was the first time they'd been together in 40-years!  Holding this first unit-wide reunion in Savannah was made even more special by the fact that the 3-17 Air Cav, as a unit, still exists today, right here at Hunter, now a key-part of the 3rd ID's Combat Aviation Brigade.  Troopers from both combat eras spent an entire morning together at Hunter sharing mission-stories, and the changes, from then to now, in the way these brave helicopter pilots and air crews fought, and fight, against the determined enemies faced in both conflicts.  That get-together was followed by a trip to the current unit's Hunter flight-line, giving the older troopers an up close and personal view of today's combat platforms.

Our thanks to reunion planners, Troopers Kurt Mueller and Bill Halevy, for choosing Savannah as the 3-17's first unit-wide meeting-site.  And a special thanks to all those troopers, and all others who've flown helicopters in combat, whether scout, attack, transport, special operations, or medivac, for their courage and dedication to the cause of freedom, and the protection of our great nation. 


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