Woman battles cancer while pregnant

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A breast cancer diagnosis at any age is scary enough. But imagine being pregnant, and learning you were also carrying a potentially deadly disease. That's what happened to Connie Helton two years ago , as she battled for her life and those of her unborn twins.

Playtime at the Helton house is a little more special than most. For Helton, it's time she wasn't sure she'd have. Connie was 29 weeks pregnant with twins, Christopher and Susanna, when she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Her doctor confirmed the news.

"I just broke down. My doctor hugged me and I just cried for about five minutes. And then I asked her, what am I going to do? She said you're going to take it one step at a time," remembered Helton.

And that's exactly what Helton did. She had a mastectomy a few days later. Five weeks later, the babies were born, and a few weeks after that, Helton started chemo.

"I thought about the twins, and I thought about my two little girls at home and my husband. From that moment on, I never really looked back," she said.

Helton firmly believes having the twins, while battling breast cancer, ultimately helped her beat the disease.

"I think that was my focus. That gave me a little more determination to take care of them and a little more inspiration to get up on the days that I really didn't feel like getting up," said Helton.

Christopher and Susanna just turned two. A big celebration for the twins, and for Connie, who is now a two and a half year breast cancer survivor.

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