Someone You Should Know--Deborah Dale

Deborah Dale
Deborah Dale

Is there something you really have a passion for? Deborah Dale, an administrative assistant at Savannah Impact, enjoys the power of words so much, she wanted to be an author. Until now. Just a few days ago she logged onto an electronic publishing company's website and discovered that her book Onion Soup had been published.

"When I went on there and saw my novel, the title was there and the cover, I freaked out," she said. "I was so excited in fact, it's so new that I don't even have a copy."

But Dale has no problem waiting. She's had to stick it out for years. Writing novel after novel, four in fact before lucky number five got her noticed. "I just kept writing in the process of trying to get published," she said. "I was going to school full time and working full time. So it was anywhere, if I could scribble something down on a napkin, until I could get home to my PC and type it in."

Onion Soup is a literary fiction book about family, friends, secrets, healing and redemption. It's also a worthwhile accomplishment. "I wouldn't do anything different now," Dale said. "It was long, it was frustrating, but to see it there in print with my name on it is all the reward in the world."

Deborah Dale, Someone You Should Know.

If you're interested in learning more about Dale's book, you can find her publishing company's website here.

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