G-8 Activists Apply for Permit

As the G-8 summit draws near, local activists who want their voices heard are trying to plan their own events. A group called the G-8 Carnival is trying to get permits from the City of Savannah to hold an outdoor concert and march through Forsyth Park. The group is made up of ten local organizations and 50 more from across the State of Georgia.

They say they are planning a peaceful weekend as part of an effort to educate people on alternate ideas from those discussed at the summit.  "What we want to do here is not provide protests per se," said the group's Marghie Betts. "We want to provide alternatives, we want to suggest there is another way to approach economic concerns of all of us."

The G-8 Carnival expects to find out if its permits are approved next week.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com