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Gyro Bowl

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A lot of you have written me asking me to try out the Gyro Bowl. It's the kid proof...spill proof bowl. I figured what better place to test it than at a daycare where I can have the real experts 'Try It Before You Buy It'.

We brought our test to Southside Christian Child Care in Jeffersonville, that's where WAVE-TV producer Ken Conklin has his two-year-old daughter Meredith enrolled. The test food of choice? Goldfish of course! They seem to act as a beacon to any child within seeing distance. Meredith was a gentle tester walking around her classroom seeing if the bowl would indeed live up to its promises. For the most part, the 'Gyro Bowl' does, at least when it comes to walking around or sitting down at a table. But, when little Meredith takes a tumble, down goes Meredith and down goes the 'Gyro Bowl' allowing most of the goldfish crackers to escape!

So, does it work? Southside Christian Child Care director, Cheryl La Mar, wasn't real impressed.

"I think that I would not purchase it, I don' think it's worth that because we did have a fall and it did spill our goldfish (crackers) on the floor, so I do think in that regard I probably would not pay $13 to purchase it." But, La Mar did admit that if the product was sold cheaper, she may consider buying it and using it for any children riding in her car.

After all the testing was complete and talking with the child care director, it appears that the 'Gyro Bowl' failed the test overall. It's not 100% spill proof. But, it may work for parents who want to give their child a way of carrying around non-liquid foods. And parents can even use it for multiple purposes such as holding paper clips on their desk, or having a resting spot for screws or nails while doing work around the house!

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