Ordinance Prohibits Sale, Moving of Older Mobile Homes

Many of us have either lived in a mobile home or know someone who has. Sometimes it's for the cost, the flexibility, or as a standby until you can buy or build. But new rules in Bulloch County have many people upset. Under the ordinance, you can't move or resell a mobile home if it's ten years old or older.

Curtis Byrd works hard at his store in hopes he can one day afford a new home. For now, he lives in a mobile home he says has become a target of the county. "According to the ordinance, we're not going to be able to move that mobile home off the property," he said. "Matter of fact, I can't even give that home to somebody in Bulloch County that might need it to live in."

Mobile homes ten years and older are now restricted in Bulloch County, thanks to an ordinance passed last month. It allows existing homes to stay in place, but not to be relocated anywhere in the county. Byrd and others say their resale value is now next to nothing. "I think it's a waste especially when it's a good mobile home," he said. "There's probably 5,000 mobile homes in Bulloch County. Not everybody can afford a home."

But county leaders say similar rules have been passed in surrounding counties. They didn't want Bulloch to become a dump for dilapidated mobile homes. "We need to make a few changes in it to make it more suitable for the people who do live in manufactured housing," said county commission chairman Johnny Parrish.

Byrd thinks the intent is good, but restrictions should be made one home at a time. County commissioners heard from the home owners in a meeting tonight in Statesboro. They're not expected to make any changes tonight but may do so at their next meeting.

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com