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New routes cause some confusion for Chatham Area Transit riders


Allison Dixon doesn't have a car, so she depends on the Chatham Area Transit buses to get her to work by 7 a.m. in downtown Savannah.

"It's more convenient and financially sound for me if I ride the bus," explained Allison.

But for Allison and many others suddenly, this past Monday, riding the bus wasn't so easy.

"I'm upset and frustrated," she exclaimed.

Allison lives at the Presidential Plaza Apartments off Capital Street, and only had to walk yards, to get to the CAT bus station. That was just a week ago. But on Monday, Allison had to start walking almost a mile to another bus stop at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and East Gwinnett Street to catch her ride. She had to leave her house at 5 a.m.

"And that's a long walk, early in the morning, in the dark," explained Allison. "It's not safe to walk in the streets. I'm afraid to walk on the sidewalk by the new Strathmore homes, because it's dark over there."

Sometimes Allison catches a cab to work, but the cost is already adding up.

"It's $10.36 from my home to my job," she said. "If you figure it up, for four weeks, Monday through Friday, it's $220.20, when a CAT bus is only $60 for me."

Allison also signed a petition with other riders who are also not happy with the changes. Chatham Area Transit official, Chad Reese, says they're aware of the confusion and have already taken steps to fix the problem.

In a statement to WTOC, CAT said "The schedule changes implemented on October 24th are designed to maximize efficiency of the transit system to ensure greater on-time performance, and better timed transfers to the benefit of all customers. We are grateful to those customers who have contacted us to share their perspective, as it provides us with the opportunity to make certain adjustments in order to serve the community better."

Meaning, starting Monday morning, Allison's walk to her CAT bus stop will be a lot shorter.

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