InSITE--Roving Around Mars

The fact that something man made is on Mars is amazing enough. But the fact that anybody with an Internet connection can see it and share some of the data is another incredible accomplishment... and opportunity.

NASA built a special site just for the exploration, and as you'd expect, they made it as high- tech as possible with flash animations and cool graphics. It's a simple site to navigate, but I have to warn you, with all the interest in the rover, it's very busy, and potentially very slow. If you don't have a broadband connection, it will be painfully slow.

I'd suggest you start with a look at the rover itself. Pick a part of the machine and see what it does. Whatever you pass your mouse over turns red, and the click will leave that particular part of the rover flashing red while you read the description. Or check out the 360* rover you can spin and examine on your own. Not quite as informative as the piece by piece view.

Lots more info if you go to the "Challenges" section, where they have photos, facts, and videos of what it took to get Spirit to Mars. One of the coolest features is the "Explore Mars" link. It loads another animation that makes it look like you're orbiting the Red Planet. As things on the surface pass under you, you can click on them, and read about the landscape, including probably the best known picture of the planet, the one some say is a giant human face. You can see it for yourself, and see the latest photos that give a clearer view.