COLD CASE: Liberty County murder still unsolved one year later

It's the love of horses that brings the Smalls family closer together and a little peace one year after Orlenjandro "Mark" Smalls, 35, was killed. Now, his family, in particular his four young children, are left with lots of questions.

"It's always, 'Momma, why did they have to do that my daddy? Why were those people mean?'," said Felicia Smalls, Mark's widow.

In October 2010, Smalls was killed while playing poker in Hinesville. Police say two masked men broke into the South Main Street home demanding money and cell phones. Two other men were also wounded.

Smalls' wife said, "I feel like it was directed towards him. Everyone else was shot in the arm, but he was shot in the back of the head. Not once, but twice."

According to relatives, Smalls "had a past" but was beginning to turn his life around.

Mozella Smalls, Mark's mother, said, "He would read his Bible daily and get in the room and pray and when he would leave home he would say, 'Momma, whatever it be don't get upset because I know someone's after me."

But 12 months after his murder, the family is frustrated because his case remains unsolved.

"To know that this person is still around scares me more than anything. It's scary and it's frustrating," said Felicia Smalls.

In those moments of frustration, the family turns to the one thing mark smalls enjoyed the most---his horses.

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