GA - Tattnall County

Sales Tax for Educational Purposes (vote for one)

Shall the Tattnall Council School District issue general obligation bonds in a principal amount not to exceed $7,000,000 to pay the costs of (a) renovations and improvements for all schools and athletic facilities including HVAC and repairs to all gymnasiums and system-wide facilities, (b) acquisition of school buses, transportation vehicles and equipment, (c) the aquisition of any property, both real and personal, and equipment necessary in connection with the above described capital outlay projects, including textbooks, copy machines, system-wide technology improvements, physical education equipment, vocational equipment, fine arts equipment, safety and security equipment, and energy managment equipment, and (d) financing the costs of issuance of such bonds including capitalized interest, AND shall a one percent sales and use tax for educational purposes be reimposed in Tattnall County for a period of time not to exceed 20 consecutive calendar quarters commencing upon the termination of the one percent sales and use tax for educational purposes presently in effect for the raising of not more than $11,500,000 for the purpose of funding the payment of (a) a portion of the principal and interest on the proceeds from said general obligation bonds?