Guinness World Record Holder teaches about hair care

The Savannah, Georgia National Hair Care Expo was held at the Civil Rights Museum in downtown Savannah on Sunday.

More than fifty vendors were there, educating people on natural hair care, holistic beauty, and wearable art.

Among the sights was Asha Mandela. She has a record breaking 20 feet of hair that has been growing for 23 years.

Guinness World Record Holder, Asha Mandela says,  "every time I go out and I let my hair down, a lot of people are so amazed by the length and the way it's beautiful and they say, oh my god it has to be a record. So, you know, constantly hearing that for over a year like almost every day, i decided to look into it."

Mandela says it took about 3 months to make it official and now, she holds the first ever Guinness World Record for the longest dread locks.

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